Nikki has a degree in Plant Biology and currently working as a researcher in the International Rice Research Institute. It was her dream job but not anymore. Dreams do change right? But she is proud and honored to be given the chance to partake in the institution's mission to make the world a better living place by means of food security for the underdeveloped and developing countries.

She's a bookworm, a bibliomaniac and a bibliophile. She spends her hard earned money buying books instead of the girl stuff. She likes lending her books and by doing so, makes her happy. Find her in Goodreads to know more about her book types.

She loves to write down her thoughts. In fact, she talks a lot in written conversations than in an actual one. In the past months, she's scouting in the internet for schools outside the country which offer Library Science. Yep, she's actually considering studying again to be a librarian.

Her ultimate dream is to become a writer, but she thinks it's too far-fetched given she's going through this "quarter-life" crisis. But she is currently writing a short story entitled That One Summer, so maybe it isn't too impossible. She's just not sure whether it'll stay as a short story or turn into a novel.And oh, sometimes she wants to work in a bookstore too.

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 Fun facts:

plays four musical instruments (guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboards); doesn't wear make-up; addicted to coffee but has hard time sleeping when she drinks it; learned to ride a bike when she was 21 years old; the only chicken parts she ever eats are chicken breasts and wings; developed a weird habit of smelling book pages


Sy is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management and is currently working as Assistant Manager for Operations in one of the BPO industries in the country. She loves to eat and that's just about the only thing closest to her having studied culinary but she still can't cook a decent meal. *cringes*

A very wise man once said, "Boredom is for people without imagination." And Sy takes that saying very seriously, so she daydreams. A lot. So if she has that very dreamy look on her face, it means the daydream is that good. It's that good that she sometimes believes she needs to write it and turn it into a book. But that's just a very faraway dream for now.

She loves music. She has no specific favorite type of music since she loves a little bit of everything. Alternative. HipHop and R&B, Pop, Rock, anything. Music has been a big part of her life (well aside from books) as that has been her means of escape during those what we call hard times. So yes, in a way music saved her and is still saving her.

She's a bookworm and she can't remember a time or a year when she's not reading. She firmly believes that books are lovelier the second time around. Some girls dream of a big walk-in closet in their bedroom. She wants a walk-in library in hers. Find her in Goodreads.

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Fun Facts:  

not a tea-drinker until she read Fifty Shades of Grey, now she can swear in front of a judge that peppermint and genmaicha tea are the shit; addicted to mint; can pull off a good knock knock joke (even the cheesiest ones, she'll still make you laugh); panic-buys books (she has a growing pile of to-read books but still thinks she doesn't have that many books).

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