Rating System

  • Diamond Award:     Pitch perfect! Loved it! Will recommend to everyone!
  • Platinum Award:     Just one missed note and the story should have been perfect!
  •                                 Still loved it!
  • Gold Award:            It was okay. A few missed notes and pitch issues in the story.
  • Silver Award:          Don't know what happened back there.
  • Rust Award:             Waste of time. Story is rusty!

Review Policies

We have an actual life outside our bookworm bubble. As much as we want to spend all our time getting lost inside a good novel, we can't because we have a very demanding job (which, by the way, is not related to writing/editing/publishing). WE ARE NOT FULL-TIME BOOK REVIEWERS.

But if you still want us to review your works, please see our policies below:

  • We are very much interested in the New Adult/Contemporary Romance genre, so if your work falls in this category, it is most likely that we'll be interested to read your book and maybe give an honest review.
  • Young Adult and YA Paranormal genres are welcome too, but it'll still depend if we are interested in the plot.
  • Contact us first before sending any materials for reviewing.
  • We require at least three weeks grace period the moment we received your material and posting of the review. Please do not expect us to read it right away and write a review like we have nothing else to do.
  • We accept any forms of materials (paperbacks, e-books, ARCs).
  • Accepting of materials doesn't automatically mean that we're going to write a review for it.
  • We may or may not join book promotions, blog tours, book blitz and the likes. It will all depend on our availability. Time is our limiting factor.

We know that book reviewing is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of time that unfortunately, we don't have. BUT we love reading so much it runs in our system. So we decided to have a book review blog as a way to give back to the authors who help us escape from our mad lives once in a while.

Thank you for stopping by! And we hope you can consider us to write a review for your precious works!

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