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Sy reviews: FOREVER WITH YOU by Laurelin Paige

Title: Forever With You
Series: Fixed #3
Author: Laurelin Paige
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Alayna Withers relationship with Hudson Pierce has tested both her and his ability to trust. They decide that the only way they can move forward together is with open doors and transparency. It won’t be easy for the scarred lovers, but they’re committed to each other more now than ever. Alayna, in particular, has grown through their trials, and has emerged more confident and faithful to the man she loves.

But while the pair is focused on the future, their past shows up again to threaten their fragile bond. Promises that were made are broken, and Alayna learns that Hudson still has very potent secrets—secrets that will tear them both apart. As much as she feels for him, her ability to forgive and forget is tested beyond her limits.

Even though she found the only man who could fix her, a forever with Hudson seems more and more out of reach.

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Let me start by saying that this is bittersweet for me. I've been so excited to read Forever With You immediately after finishing Found In You but I also am not ready yet to say goodbye to one of my favorite couples. Sometimes I read a book that's too good that you don't even know how to write a review about it and if you do, you're not even sure if you can give justice to it. This is one of those times.
When I started reading Forever With You I told myself I gotta write something about the first few pages of that book. To say I was a nervous wreck is an understatement. I was silently screaming, "Nooooo" and "Oh my God nooo!" Well I could be overreacting but that beginning was written so well and I felt what Alayna must have been feeling that my palms were sweating a bit. No lie.
In this book more secrets were revealed. We'll get to know the characters more, especially Hudson. I know I wrote something before that I love Alayna's honesty. And I'm glad she hasn't lost that frankness in this book. It's disappointing for a reader to love a female character on one book then hate her on the next book because for some reason she inhaled some stupid air, but do not fret people, that didn't happen to our Alayna. I think I even loved her more on this book. I love how every piece of puzzle of this story came together in this book.
There are plenty of scenes of this book that made it to my favorites. One of them is Hudson groveling. I've always enjoyed reading scenes where the man grovels because he has been an ass. Hudson groveling though goes all out. If I were Alayna I don't think I would've held off long enough. My ultimate favorite part though was the I love you one. I have been waiting for Hudson to say it back to Alayna ever since she first told him that. Don't get me wrong, I loved how Hudson showed her what he feels without saying the words but you know, sometimes, a girl's gotta hear it even just once. I think everyone who witnessed their story from day one would jump for joy and won't be able to help it but be completely happy for Alayna when they read that part.
I remember I once mentioned in Fixed On You that it would've been nice to get a little Hudson POV too because he has always been a mystery to me and I'm super happy I got that here too.
To summarize, I think Forever In You is like a dream come true. When reading a series, you start to get to know and fall in love with these characters and begin to have dreams for them when the series ends and I guess all that I ever wanted to happen to the characters have happened here. The road to get to that happy ever after though was filled with tears and pain but it was so worth it.
The Fixed series may sound like another one of those stories you might have read already but I tell you it's not. So if you're one of those readers who is a big fan of happy ever after and is a tad masochist like me, then this book is for you.
Here's my Forever In You playlist:
Say Something - A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
A Case Of You - James Blake
Stay - Rihanna
Everything - Michael Buble
No Love (I'm Not Used To) - Kevin Edmonds
For You - Kenny Lattimore
Who You Love - John Mayer & Katy Perry
How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding
(If you want to view the playlist on YouTube, click here.)


Say Something is my Alayna's song for Hudson. When I first heard this song I said this is a perfect song for a book. Then the second time I listened to it I knew it was just the perfect song for Hudson & Alayna. A Case Of You is my song for both of them because of how they cannot seem to get enough of each other. Stay is my Alayna's song for Hudson during the time out. Everything is my Hudson & Alayna song. No Love is my Hudson song. This was during the time out and groveling part. For You is my Hudson's song for Alayna. Heck, this could be their wedding song too! Who You Love reminds me of them too. How Long Will I Love You is my Alayna's song for Hudson because she just loves him unconditionally, even before Hudson said it back.



About the Author:

Laurelin Paige is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Mad Men and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Adam Levine. She is represented by the wonderful Bob Diforio of D4EO Literary Agency. Author social media links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

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