Friday, January 31, 2014

An Open Love Letter for my MiaBanana

Dear MiaBanana,

Hi! Are you getting tired of me yet? ;)

Well... I am writing you a love letter again after all the craziness that is Archer. Why? I don't really know. But you do know I love writing you letters. Maybe because this is the only way I could make you feel how thankful and lucky I am for knowing you. Sometimes I really hate that we live on the opposite side of the world and I can't literally hold your hand when your journey gets a little rough. But maybe someday, we'd be able to do that.

I also want to tell you how proud I am with what AV achieved exactly five days after it is unleashed to the world. I know I've been telling you this a million times already but I won't get tired of repeating it over and over again and I do hope you won't get tired of hearing it.

I know Archer's Voice is your work but seeing its success unfold in front of my eyes has made me so emotional because it feels like Archer's Voice is my baby too. You know how much I love this story when I first read it in its rough draft and I will forever love it. It has somehow, taken a special place in my heart.

I also know how this journey has not been that easy for you; how it's taken its toll on your self-esteem and how you almost drowned in self-doubt. But I just want to thank you for choosing to get over those stuff because if not, the world will never know Archer. Thank you for being strong despite all the craziness that almost dragged you down. Thank you for being brave and hitting that publish button. Thank you for choosing, again, to share with us your story-weaving gift.

But aside from that, I want to thank you for the friendship (although it's a long distance relationship) that I will forever cherish. It is not everyday that a "fan" would be considered a friend by a USA Today best selling author. I don't know when I get this lucky. Beyond the stories that you write which I get to read, is a friendship that bloomed from it.

Thank you for trusting me with your works. Thank you for considering my thoughts a valuable input. Thank you for listening to anything I say, no matter how crazy it is. Thank you for putting up with me always bugging you. But more importantly, thank you for the sweetness and the love.

You know how being an author is never an easy profession, but I just want to tell you to please don't stop and don't ever get tired of writing. There would always come a time when self-doubt would creep in without your permission. But whenever that happens, remember your past works. Remember how people loved the stories you've written and how much your readers love you.

I am one of those readers. But I can also gratefully say that I am one of your friends.

I love you my sweet story teller, and thank you from the bottom of my heart swelling with pride.



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