Friday, March 29, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Fusion by Nicole Williams

The Patrick Chronicles #2
Nicole Williams

Patrick Hayward isn't used to feeling helpless. He's a man of action used to controlling his destiny. But falling in love with Emma Scarlett had a away of ending everything, his sanity included.

Locked away as inmate number one-three-seven-oh for a crime he didn't commit, Patrick spends his days slopping toxic sludge onto trays, resisting the urge to tear the scratchy, orange jumpsuit from his body and making sure every hardened criminal behind bars with him knows he's the biggest and baddest of them all. With the help of his handy little gift of teleportation, his nights are spent watching a certain green eyed goddess from the shadows.

When he discovers a couple of Inheritors stalking her one night, he realizes the obstacle of explaining who and what he is to Emma might not be the biggest battle they face.
Okay, so I am going to admit I am a crybaby over movies and silly situations and books. Yeah, over books that I think "physically" pinched my heart. And this is one of those books. Ohgod, yes this is definitely one of them.

When I read Fusion, it immediately went up to the top of my ridiculous long list of favourite books. Did I mention I have like, 30 books in my number 1 spot? No? Ooops. ;) So yeah, this two-book series is a paranormal type of a series but a series of this type never felt so humanly real. The emotions conveyed through words are too strong that I felt those words were actually touching some freaking emotions inside me. There is something in Nicole's use of words in this book that tugged my heart. I literally cried - bawled out, tear-streaming-down-my-cheek type of crying. I know that was somewhat over-the-top crazy for "normal" people. But what the heck, I long accepted the fact that I am not in league with normalcy.

I branded Nicole Williams a genius too many times for her own ego, but now I doubt it. Geniuses can be insensitive right? But with Nicole's writing I doubt this author is anywhere near being insensitive.

After reading Fusion, I honestly think that only a few books would ever -- ever! -- come close to what the effect of this book had on me. And that really says something being a bookworm that I am, there are a million books that I will have to come across with in my lifetime. I am sure for most, if not all, the people who have read it, this book is not a life-changing, world-altering, whatever-ing one. But for me, there is something in this book that I couldn't, but would love to, pinpoint. Whatever that is, that something had made sure this book is sitting on top of my greatest reads along with some other 30+ books. ;)

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful, otherworldly, two-book series. I can never get enough of Patrick Hayward but there is no other way to end his and Emma's story but this way. PERFECT.

"It was a life worth exchanging an eternity for." - Patrick Hayward

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