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Blog Tour: ONLY FOR YOU by Genna Rulon

If you're following our blog and Twitter, you probably know how much we love Hunter and Everleigh from Only for You. We actually christened ourselves as the godmothers of Genna's debut novel. Haha! As much as we are thrilled for having the chance to read and review this book, we are much more thrilled to be part of the OFY blog tour!

Genna was so generous and sweet to agree to have a character interview for our stop and we can't wait to share with you what happened when we interviewed Hunter and Ev!

Warning: You may experience major swooning.

Before you go and read on please be warned that this interview has MAJOR spoilers because we wanted to delve into specifics when doing this. Sorry. But the bright side is, you might want to read the book if you want to read this interview so bad! We mean, you SHOULD definitely read the book!!!

And to those who have read OFY, on behalf of Genna, thank you so much. This interview's for all of you who have loved Hunter and Ev's story like we did!


For The Bibs's OFY book review and playlist, click here for Nikki's review and here for Sy's review.


The Bibs: Hi guys! Welcome to our little book blog! We are so thrilled you agreed to this interview. Thank you for that. We really really adore you both. We understand that Griff and Sam couldn't make it. But maybe some other time, like when their story is out? Hi Sam and Griff! You're both welcome to our blog if you feel the need to talk about anything and everything!

So... Let's get down to business and we wanted to ask Hunter first. You sent Everleigh out on the first day of the self-defense training when she made some snide remarks, but what did you really think of her? Be honest! Don't edit or censor your answers just because Ev is here and you want to impress her

Hunter: *chuckles* I noticed her the minute I walked into the room. I can't explain it, but she just stood out. When I overheard her snarky comments to Sam, it took everything I had in me to control my desire to laugh. If I hadn't been responsible for the training of the group as a whole, I would have joined in her laughter, but I had an obligation to do everything in my power to teach the girls how to protect themselves. Everleigh was my sacrificial lamb to ensure no one else made light of the goal. But between us, I wanted to throw her down on the mat and silence her in far more pleasurable ways.

Everleigh: You could have fooled me…you acted like the asshole I accused you of being. Are you just making up as you go along so you can get lucky later?

: Angel, you and I both know I’ll have you later either way. I’m just telling Nikki and Sy the truth.

The Bibs: Oh wow. Okay, maybe we don't need to remind you about censorship? Haha. We don't do censorship here *wink*. Second question is still for Hunter. If your family hasn't influenced you, do you still see yourself so passionate about anything martial arts related?

Hunter: I would like to think so. Martial art—the discipline it requires—is well suited to my temperament, but it's hard to know for certain. It was a great way to get girls as a high school kid, so maybe *winks at Ev*.

*Ev rolls her eyes in return*

The Bibs
: Hmmm.. I think Ev will agree with us that by merely existing, you have girls flocking to your direction, yes Ev? Haha

Everleigh: Please don’t encourage him. You have no idea what it’s like going out in public with him. Every time I glance over my shoulder I see a sea of dumbstruck women in our wake—not that I blame them. His packaging is breathtaking, but what’s inside is even better.

The Bibs
: Ohhhh… Do you see our drool over here? We’re wiping it now. Haha! So Hunter, do you see yourself doing something else aside from being an agent? And no, you can't tell us you'd be a sensei because you're already one. Pick another choice. One that'll surprise us.

Hunter: Hmmm. I have a strong desire to protect. I suppose saying I would be a cop would be cheating too...you two are strict. I would probably be a social worker, it would provide the opportunity to protect and still allow me to be active. I can't imagine spending all of my days sitting behind a desk, I need movement.

The Bibs: Okay, we are literally swooning here. Why do you have to be all cute and all that?

Hunter: It’s a curse *smirks*

The Bibs: Anyway, this we are very much interested to know the answer to this question, was it love at first sight with Everleigh? Do you think what you two have is for keeps?

Hunter: It was definitely lust at first sight *looks at Ev and grins*. The love came a little later, probably when she took me to task for suspecting she was going to poison me at Higher Yearning. It was the first time I had seen the sweetness that could temper her fire. It was intoxicating. I KNOW what we have is forever. I wasn't exaggerating when I told Everleigh she was "it" for me. There would never be another that resonated with me the way she does *holds Ev hand*. Any other woman would just be a pale substitute.

Everleigh: Oooooo, that is so sweet. You know I love you, right? Because I do, with everything I have. *kisses his lips gently*

*Hunter grabs Ev’s head and serves up an R-rated kiss*

The Bibs
: Ohmygod. Did we just really witness that?! I mean. Okay, you two get a room! Haha! Well, maybe after our interview. Next question! If you could live a life of another person for one day, whose life would you want to experience?

Hunter: In real life...Dog the Bounty Hunter. That guy is badass! If it could be a fictional character, probably Hawk Delgado from "Mystery Man" by Kristen Ashley. He has his own army and rescues hostages for a living. Plus he knows how to control a stubborn woman, which would come in very handy with Ev *winks at Ev*

*Ev elbows him in the ribs*

The Bibs: Do you really have to mention a KA alpha male?! We already turned into puddles by just your existence and then you have to say that?! Not fair, Hunter, not fair. *Bibs shake their heads in unison*

So let's get a bit more serious and talk about Sam. What was going on in your mind when you found out what happened to Sam?

Hunter: When Ev called me, alarm bells started ringing in my head. Of all of us, Sam was the most reliable with texting her every move. The fact that she was late and hadn't contacted Ev or Robbie was such a departure from her routine…I feared the worst. When I received the call that a victim had been found I knew it was Sam beyond any doubt. I was devastated, I had grown to love Sam, like an annoying little sister, and the thought of what she had suffered—if I had known who the perp was at the time, he wouldn't be breathing now. Then I remembered I would have to tell Ev, and my heart dropped. I knew it would kill her and I would have to be the one to deliver the news and prepare her for what would follow. I promised myself I would do everything in my power to support Everleigh, help take care of Sam, and ultimately catch the bastard who had done it.

The Bibs: How did you feel when you saw her in the woods?

Hunter: *looks at Ev seriously* There are no words. I have encountered enough death and violence as an agent that I should be desensitized, but when it’s someone you care about…someone the person you love cares about—it was like a grenade of emotions was set off in my head. Anger, concern, regret, love, sorrow…they all converged. It was too much to process, so I focused on getting Ev where she needed to be, gaining basic details from the officers on duty, and hauling ass to the hospital.

The Bibs: We can't say we know how it feels like because we haven't experienced it but just thinking about it is really really hard, what more for you guys. What we can say is we understand. Thank you Hunter for answering those questions so truthfully. We still have so many questions, so many that it could actually be compiled into a book. Maybe some other time? But now we have to hear Everleigh’s thoughts. And this could get interesting.

So Ev, what was really going on in your mind when you found out Hunter's real job?

Everleigh: You may need to edit this for your readers if I answer you honestly... "That mother-fucking-son-of-a-bitch-ass-munching-bastard-douche-bag-cock-sucker!" That is actually the cliff notes version. I was already heartbroken, and discovering his deceit was a betrayal I could barely process. I had always believed—in a small dark corner of my mind—that we would find our way to one another, that he truly loved me. When I heard the news that hope died, and I was destroyed. I didn't know if I would ever feel whole again. It was the lowest moment of my life when combined with watching Sam suffer.

*Hunter wraps his arm around Ev’s shoulders and pulls her into his side, kissing the top of her head and stroking her arm, offering silent comfort and support*

The Bibs: Ahhhh.. So sweet you two. Back to us Ev.. Haha! Do you think Hunter is "the one"?

Everleigh: He damn well better be after all I went through to get here. It's hard to explain unless you have found what we have; he is my best friend, my support system, my lover, my love...he is the part of me that always felt empty...a loneliness that was never filled by anything or anyone else. *looks Hunter in the eyes* He fits me, like puzzle pieces.

Hunter: Do you see this Bibs? Under all that fire and snark she is the epitome of tenderness. She commits her whole-heart to everything she does; Thank God she chose to give that heart to me. I am a lucky man.

Everleigh: Now you are definitely getting lucky tonight. *Ev laughs while stealthily wiping a tear from her eye*

The Bibs: Uh-huh, yeah. Major swooning over here. Well this next question is interesting, Hunter inked his skin with your name, do you plan to get a tattoo as well or do something permanent similar to what he did?

Everleigh: I never actually thought about getting ink. I'm not opposed to the idea. I am certainly confident enough of my love for him and him for me to make the permanent commitment that a tattoo would imply. I just don't know what I would get, that spoke of my love for him as beautifully as he did. See, he always has to one up me...if he had just tattooed "Everleigh" on his damn chest I could just answer "Hunter" and life would be easy. But no, my man has be all creative and sentimental, making it impossible for me to equal his gesture. See what an asshole he can be. Freakin' show-off.

Hunter: *chuckles* When will you just accept that you can’t best me, I beat you when I’m not even trying, you just admitted it. You’re setting yourself up for a life of disappointment if you keep trying to win, besides I can think of another way to memorialize your love and commitment to me other than inking your beautiful skin.

The Bibs: Can we turn you both into key chains or something? You two are so cute we want to bring you everywhere! Haha. So Ev, let’s talk more about you and Sam. We adore your friendship with Sam so much and I know you'll do anything for her. But to what extent?

Everleigh: There is virtually nothing I wouldn't do for Sam. She really is my sister, closer than most sisters. I would never give up Hunter for anyone--but she would NEVER ask that of me--so I can't imagine what I wouldn't do for her. I would kill to protect her (don't tell Hunter I said that, he'd probably have to file a report). I would fight to save her, even if it meant fighting Sam herself. I would even meddle to direct her where she needs to be when she doesn't know what's good for her *fake coughs* Griffin *fake coughs* (In perfect stereo Hunter also said “Griffin”)

The Bibs: You really love Sam just what we thought. That is so sweet of you. We’re sure Sam will be reading this and probably cry a tear or two. What you said was just beautiful.

So Ev, just like want we've asked Hunter: If you could live a life of another person for one day, whose life would you want to experience?

Everleigh: Juan Valdez...all that delicious coffee surrounding him every minute of every day...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hunter: *laughs* I’m going to fill a bathtub with lukewarm coffee for her one of these days, hand her a straw, and let her go to town.

Everleigh: *gasps* That is a freakin’ genius idea!

The Bibs: *Nikki looks at Sy* Cute right? For the last question, This goes for the both of you. So it's not a secret the we love music to death. Well it's so obvious since we decided to integrate music into our book blog. Well anyway, we are not talking about us and since we're talking about music, we just had to ask you this. If there is a song that reminds you of each other what would it be? Hunter first.

Hunter: She’s Every Woman by Garth Brooks is the song that most reminds me of Ev, it sums her up perfectly. *kisses Ev’s neck, just behind her ear*

The Bibs: Here we go again with the swooning. Enough of that Hunter, you two can continue that later after the interview. Ev?

*Hunter laughs*

Everleigh: It depends on the day…there are still some days I would say “Sweet As Hole” by Sara Bareilles *elbows Hunter in the ribs* I’m kidding *mouths ‘No I’m not’ to Nikki and Sy*

I think the song that best describes Hunter for me is When You Say Nothing At All the Alison Krauss version. I love the Keith Whitley version too, but since it’s my feelings about him Alison’s is more appropriate.

The Bibs: Nice song choices! Well that’s it folks. Thank you very much Hunter and Ev for gracing our little book blog and actually spent time answering some questions. We really appreciate and know that we love you both and we hope we can do this again.

We weren’t able to drag Sam and Griff but we sent a question to Griffin over email and a message to Sam and we thought of sharing it as well. So guys, read on.

The Bibs
: So Griff, why didn't you make a move on Sam before? Yes this is just one question and a bold one.

Griffin: Because I'm a know-it-all dumb ass. I figured I would finish up my final masters courses before making my move so I would have the time to pursue her with focused attention, and as a result I missed my window. When I think of what I could have prevented if I had stopped trying to manage the situation—FUCK! I may never forgive myself.

The Bibs: Sam, we decided not to ask questions for you because we're eagerly waiting for your own story. We just want to tell you how much we admire your strength. You're one in a million, Sam. Not all women can endure what you've gone through and come on top of it. You're a survivor.

Sam: Thanks ladies...your support is amazing. I'm still not quite ready to talk about it all yet.


Thank you guys for taking the time to read and get to know Hunter and Ev more. This book is highly recommended by us. So if you haven't read it, below is your chance to win an e-book copy from the author herself. Thanks Genna for your ever generosity! We love you!

We can't wait for Griff and Sam's story! Add it to your Goodreads bookworms! ❤❤❤

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