Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Release Day Blitz + Excerpt: PIECES FOR YOU by Genna Rulon

Hello there people! So... Genna is back! This time with Sam and Griffin's story (with Huntleigh on the sides). And AGAIN, Genna didn't disappoint with this one! The story is fantastic and made it to our 2013 favorite reads!!!
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Also, we want to share with you a funny excerpt from PFY to celebrate the release. Enjoy!


I made my way to the kitchen where I spotted Everleigh perched on Hunter’s lap as he fed her an omelet. I grabbed a Greek yogurt from the fridge before joining them at the kitchen table.

“I think I liked you better when you were all reserved and aloof…this touchy-feely Hunter is kind of freaking me out,” I teased.

In reality, I was overjoyed to see my best friend finally receiving the affection and love she deserved. Ev and Hunter’s journey to couplehood had been fraught with secrecy and delayed gratification. At one point, I had debated drugging them both and throwing them into bed together to speed up the process. I was getting sexually frustrated just watching their self-denial…I’m not sure how Ev didn’t combust.

“You are just jealous you don’t have one of Hunter’s famous omelets. My man has many talents—big, impressive talents.”

“Are you offering me a sample of Hunter’s impressive talent?”

Ev nearly spit the coffee out of her mouth.

“Paws off lady, I don’t share.”

“You always did monopolize all the good toys when we were kids, never sharing your Malibu Barbie.”

“For the hundredth time, you had the same freaking Malibu Barbie, along with her Malibu mansion, convertible, coordinating wardrobe, scooter, and whatever other accessories Mattel had marketed that year. There was no reason for you to want my Malibu Barbie,” Ev returned with exasperation. This was an ancient debate, which may pre-date the conflict in the Middle East.

“But your Malibu Barbie had a couture hand-sewn wardrobe and Meme painted Barbie’s nails with that little marker—so stylish…so me.”

“And then mom sewed a coordinating wardrobe for your Barbie and painted her nails. There was no difference.”

“But your Barbie was the first, the trendsetter. Mine was just a copycat wannabe.”

Ev threw her hands in the air dramatically. “I give up! Fine, you want my Malibu Barbie? We can switch. Will that make you happy and finally end this ridiculous debate?”

“No need, I switched them during a sleepover one night. I’ve had the innovative fashionista for the last thirteen years.”

“Are you freaking kidding me? You stole my Barbie? What is wrong with you?” she asked, no longer pretending to be annoyed by our age-old dispute…oops, I probably shouldn’t have fessed up to that particular truth.

I shrugged. “Sorry, but you really didn’t appreciate her. You didn’t even notice when I made the swap—what kind of mother are you?”

Ev lunged across the table and would have caught me if Hunter’s arm hadn’t locked around her waist and hauled her back into his lap.

“Why you—“ Ev didn’t get the chance to finish what was sure to be a scathing reprimand because Hunter’s mouth was on hers in the blink of an eye, distracting her with what I can only say was impressive technique.

When he finally broke the kiss, Ev was glassy-eyed and breathless.

“Would you like an omelet, Sam?” Hunter asked as if he had not just laid a scorching kiss on my best friend seconds before. Bravo, Hunter, bravo.

“You are not preparing breakfast for that…that…Barbie snatcher. Come on, Mr. FBI Man, can’t you drag her down to headquarters and charge her with something? She may have even departed the country with Barbie at some point. That’s a federal offense—do something useful with that badge of yours.”

Hunter rose, somehow managing to hoist Everleigh over his shoulder, and started down the hall.

“Excuse us, Sam. Your best friend evidently needs a reminder of how useful I can be.”

I could hear Ev’s half-hearted protests as Hunter shut her bedroom door. I laughed aloud at their antics. Ev was one of the most determined people I had ever met. She could easily steamroll over most adversaries. It was divine intervention that she fell head over heels for the one man who could best her. He challenged her and she loved every minute of it. They were a unit, stronger together than their individual halves.

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