Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sy writes: To My Alphas With Love

Hi. I'm Syrel and I'm an addict. An Alpha Male addict.

This is for my favorite alpha males.

At first I wanted to write a review on one of my favorite Kristen Ashley books. But considering I have read a lot of KA novels already, it's so hard to choose which books and which alpha males to pick so I said (and this I decided while on a public vehicle) fuck this, I'm not gonna review a specific book but I'm gonna write something special for my favorite alpha males instead. And that idea was so appealing to me I actually felt butterflies in my stomach. Well, if there are butterflies who get high on nectar or something then those were the kind of butterflies I felt when the idea came to me.

So anyway, how did I hear about Kristen Ashley? From Twitter, where else? I've been following this book club and she tweeted about a book suggestion, The Gamble. I'm a Subject/Title girl and for some reason that title got my attention and so I started reading it and I have never been the same eversince. And I meant that in a good way.

I haven't heard of Kristen Ashley at that time so I had no idea most of her series are related or one series is a spinoff from another series. Needless to say, I didn't know about her reading guide when I started reading The Gamble from the Colorado Mountain Men series.

So going back to The Gamble... I met Max. Holden Maxwell. He was the first alpha male I've read so he will always hold a special place in my heart. Obviously, I have never heard of alpha males before so I was pretty shocked with Max's attitude. I was so used to good guys in my fictional world and I was not prepared at all by domineering men borderline caveman. And caveman is very apt to describe an alpha male and Max. I can actually picture him with his fist thumping on his chest saying, "you woman, mine!" Hahaha!

So what exactly are the qualities of an alpha male? Here's what I think:
  • Foul-mouthed
  • Tall men (regardless how tall the woman is, the alpha male still towers over her)
  • Rough and tough on the outside but a real sweetheart on the inside
  • Badass men with badass jobs (how hot is that?)
  • Can communicate using one word: Babe (seriously, after reading too many KA novels, that one word alone does things to me)
  • Domineering attitude but that's okay because he knows what's best for his woman
  • Sexy, hot and he may be the most beautiful man you've ever laid eyes on
  • Tends to hurt you deep (unintentionally) but can love you just as deep too. In other words, he's worth it.
  • They can be aggravating at times but their hotness factor more than made uo for it
Okay, so going back to Max. Like I said, he's the first alpha I've met and after the initial shock brought about by his attitude, I have grown to love him. And boy, did I love him deep. I like how direct he was, how sweet he could be, how he knew what he wanted and how he fought for what he wanted. And that was his woman, Nina. That lucky bitch! Well, no, she's not really a bitch. I'm just an envious girl who wants a Max in my life too. Hehehe.

So after finishing The Gamble, I went ahead and dived into the rest of the Colorado Series where I met Tate from Sweet Dreams, Ty from Lady Luck and Chace from Breathe. I gotta say, Max and Chace were my favorite from this series. Colorado Mountain Men has got to be my ultimate favorite KA series.

I've also read the Dream Man series. Not really my favorite except for Tack from Motorcycle Man and Mitch from Law Man. I've read The 'Burg series too but it's really hard to top Colorado Mountain Men series.

That was until I met the Hot Bunch from the Rock Chick series. I was like, seriously, take me to Denver right now! I mean, what is up with all these alphas in Colorado? Is it the water that they drink? The air they breathe? Really, if I could be in any place right now, I'd choose Colorado so I can find my own alpha male. So Rock Chick series and the Hot Bunch, yeah. I love how the stories in this series get better after each book. But my favorites in this series have to be Luke, Vance and my Hispanic Hottie Hector. My God, Hector, you had me at all those Spanish endearments. *blushes*

I still sometimes feel the need to follow the reading guide on KA's novels but reading guide or not, I love how I discovered these alphas in my own way. I don't know how KA writes it and in my humble opinion, I think almost all her alphas and stories are the same but still I'm hooked all the time. It's like I was always in a trance or daze (ehem, Eddie Daze) or something whenever I read her books. And I may not have read all her books yet especially the paranormals but I always, always need to have my KA alpha fix. I am so addicted to them that reading about them gets me out of a funk. And I have always said this but KA's alphas are my kind of crack. Yes yes, I'm an alpha male junkie and I can't get enough of them.

So yeah, this is to express my undying love and obsession to KA's alphas and also a message to the great cosmic universe to give me an alpha in my life too. Haha! Okay, that's probably too much to ask but what the hell.

Kristen Ashley, thank you! Thank you for writing about these alphas. Now I can definitely say I have this automatic alpha male radar in me that does not turn off. I love your alpha males and I sure hope you write more of them. Thia is how I look like everytime I get lovestruck with KA's alphas:

Alpha Male Junkie,

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